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Washington Dulles Airport Bus

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See more information below regarding bus services at Dulles Airport:

Fairfax Connector Bus

By the Fairfax Bus services you can transfer to the following locations:

Bus route 952

It covers the route to and from Sunset Hills to Dulles Airport. 
Find more information here. 

Bus route 983

It offers transportation to and from Dulles Airport, Udvar, and Hazy Center.
Find more information here.



You can pick it up at the Ground Transportation level.

Virginia Breeze

It is an intercity service which connects Dulles Airport with Union Station in Washington DC and other locations such as Blacksburg and Virginia.

Different routes. It is a daily service.

Check its website for further information.

You can pick it up at the Ground Transportation level.


This bus service connects with Virginia and Charlottesville. 

Available outside arrivals level. 

Hotel Shuttles

Some hotels offer shuttles from Dulles Airport to their guests. Our recommendation is to check with your hotel if the service is offered.