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Washington Dulles Airport Parking

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At Washington Dulles Airport there are the following parking options:

Valet Parking

A quick way to park, really close to the Main Terminal.


- Day 1: 39$
- Day 2: 10$ per hour. Maximum daily of 39$. 

Terminal Parking

It is located in front of the Main Terminal. 


- Hourly: $6
- Daily Maximum: $29/day

Parking Garages 1 & 2

Both garages 1 and 2 are connected to the terminal by covered walkways.

It has more than 8,200 car parking spaces and garage 2 has 8 spaces with charging stations (Level 3).

There is a shuttle bus service that runs 24/7 available to all passengers.


- Hourly: $6
- Daily Max: $21

Economy Parking Lot

It is the biggest one with over 12,000 car parking spaces.

There is a shuttle bus that connects the terminal with the parking lot 24/7 daily, every 10 minutes.


- Daily Rate: $14

Disabled Parking Access

There are reserved parking spaces for passengers with special needs.

Rates: subject to normal drive-up rates. 

Locations are the following: 

Terminal Lot: Rows 2 through 30 at the end of the row closest to the Terminal.
Garage 1: Level 1 closest to the walkway to the Terminal and convenient to the shuttle stop.
Garage 2: Level 3 closest to the walkway and on Level 1 convenient to the shuttle stop.
Economy Parking: parking slots Located throughout the lot convenient to all shuttle stops.

All airport parking shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

To get more information or request assistance, please, call: 703-572-4500.

*Prices are subject to change. *Payment: can be made by cash or credit card.


There are locations available at both Parking Garages 1 and 2.